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Leaders in home dentistry for the
elderly and people with functional

Your dental care services,
wherever you need them

At Lura Care we have a single objective: to break the mobility barrier to care for dependent people or people with mobility problems, who cannot access the oral health services they need.

To achieve this goal, we offer a wide range of residential and home healthcare services tailored to your needs, aimed at improving your health, well-being, and quality of life.

Home care is not a whim,
it is a real social need

More than half of older adults who live in care homes have tooth decay, compared to 40% of over 75s who do not. And this poor oral health can affect people’s ability to eat, speak and socialise normally.

At Lura Care we offer high quality oral health services, adapted to the specific needs of our patients and with the special sensitivity they require, no matter the personal condition or location.

Mobile dental services, home service, home care, home health

dental services

We bring odontology services to care homes and day centres, avoiding difficult or uncomfortable transfers to dental clinics.

Free dental check-ups

Free dental

We carry out free, no- obligation diagnosis visits on-site to evaluate the oral health status of residents and their dental care needs.

Professionalism and sensibility

and sensibility

Our team is specialised in the care of dependent people, and ready to
overcome any complexity in treatments.

Opinions of our clients

Paloma Cenjor

Nuestra experiencia no ha podido ser mejor, un trato maravilloso con mi papi (91) años. Y sobre todo la posibilidad de tener el servicio de dentista en la residencia sin necesidad de moverlos de su rutina.

Lali Cordobés

Muchísimas gracias por vuestro servicio. Me gustaría que le dieran las gracias a Angy, ha sido maravillosa, atenta, profesional, paciente y muy humana con mi madre durante el tratamiento.


Conocimos Dental Residency a través de nuestro centro residencial para personas mayores. Desde el primer contacto todo ha sido muy satisfactorio en todos los aspectos: servicio profesional y atención personal excelente…



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